Buffalo Bull SHD PRO 72503 (12V 225AH)

393.60 (inc. VAT)

  • Meets the requirements of Mercedes Trucks
  • Maintenance-free: calcium technology ensures minimum water consumption
  • Central degassing and patented four-chamber leak protection
  • Captive, welded-in backfire frits and safety screws
  • PinFin protection against short circuits caused by tools
  • SHD means extra cycle/vibration resistance in the highest E3/V3 category pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • ConCast mesh production process and optimised mesh design provide reliable cold start performance
  • Applications include Steyr Trucks; MAN; Mercedes

*** Must be shipped on mini-pallet 

Battery Capacity: 12V 225Ah
CCA (EN): 1150A
Battery Technology: Lead Acid
Length: 517mm
Width: 273mm
Height: 240mm
Weight: 60.4kg