MK M34 SLD G 12V 60AH Gel Battery

334.56 (inc. VAT)

  • Genuine Gel Technology 
  • Increased Durability 
  • Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte
  • Deep Cycle – capable of over 1000 cycles
  • Travel & Ship Easily – FAA, IATA, DOT and UPS approved.
  • Safety 
  • Sealed Construction for Maintenance-Free Use 
  • Electrolyte Will Not Stratify 
  • 10% More Electrolyte – longer life and minimal dry out over extended use.
  • Less Than 2% Per Month Self-Discharge – little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Quality Construction – ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Flame Arresting, Low Pressure, Self-Sealing Valves
  • Over 250 Quality Control Checks: Certified to ISO 9001.
  • UL Recognized Component.

Battery Capacity: 12V 60AH
Battery Technology: Valve Regulated, Gelled Electrolyte Battery
Length: 259mm
Width: 169mm
Height: 179mm
Weight: 17.7kg approx